Since March, school instruction has been down nearly 50%

At Read 2 Lead, we’re bridging the gaps with programs for early readers.

About Our Reading Club

Due to the current global pandemic, many schools have closed
or limited in-person classes for the fall semester. Younger
students have been hit especially hard by these measures as
virtual instruction time for some schools is nearly 50% of
regular instruction.

Every Monday through Friday, our reading club meets virtually after school. During this time, they listen to a book and participate in an engaging activity.

Read more in our Letter to Parents.

Books We've Read Include:

Zara's Big Messy Day (That turned out Okay)

By Rebeka Borucki

The Real Story of Stone Soup

By Ying Yang Compestine

My Heart Fills with Happiness

By Monique Gray Smith

How to Make APple Pie and See the World

By Majorie Priceman

What parents say:

Thanks to you and your team, he gets to be on zoom and he LOVES it!!! Be encouraged and know you’re blessing these young kids; they get to interact live with positive influencers like your volunteers other than their families. They get to do something different from the usual confinement to the four walls of their homes because of the pandemic. Continue to shine bright knowing you are helping these young ones to shine their little lights! God bless you and your team!!!

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